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About School

Get Swim
Swimming School

Swimming school “Get swim” is designed for infant, toddler, children and adults.

Lesson Types

Infant Swimming Lessons

(From 3 months)

Starting at three months old and continuing until twelve months old, our infant classes use the Get Swim method where, in ten steps, we teach your children  submersion and starting to swim independent.

Todler Swimming Lessons

(From 13-36 month)

Starting from 13 months to 36 months, we use GetSwim training method that makes sure the basics are covered (submersion, independent swimming, and safety skills that are practical in every swimming situation)

Learn to Get Swim

(3 years and older)

Using our Get Swim Six Level System we always start our students (3 years or older) off with an evaluation of their current swimming skills and abilities

Online Courses