«Get swim at home” (pool)

Hello Dear Parents!

I’ve been carrying the thought in my head for a long time, as well as receiving requests for self-training in the basics of the early stages of swimming at home. It’s time to share my experience and know-how with you. Seeing at the pool, as a parent makes mistakes in an attempt to teach his child to dive or not correctly holding in his arms, I want to show that you can otherwise, gently, do no harm. Absolutely every child is born knowing that water is a friendly environment, and that one wants to be in water and continue to explore the possibilities of their body. In my long experience of working in early childhood swimming, I have had to work with children with negative experiences in the water (hydrophobia, water phobia).

Every parent wants the best for the child’s development, begins to seek information on early childhood swimming on websites, YouTube, and try to do with their child what these resources suggest. And unfortunately, 99.9% of information lead to the formation of negative experiences and children’s fear of water, and even to psychological trauma. I think everyone remembers the Soviet approach to learning to swim – “throw into the water, if you want to live, you will swim. “Unfortunately, most American schools continue to work with the self-rescue in the water method. With this approach the child is forced to survive every lesson, and more deeply forms a phobia and fear of water. My mission – to foster love, to develop safe water skills and to spread knowledge about the delicate, gentle, at the same time progressive and fast results method of “Get swim” Here I want to share the knowledge and experience that I have collected since 2009. By teaching international methods and approaches to early swimming, combined with knowledge of psychology and physiology of growth of children in a single method of “Get swim” I would like each parent to have knowledge, how to teach your child the basics of swimming, put them into practice and inculcate a love of water for life.

How to take a course? Each lesson contains a description of the exercises, short videos I recommend you study before coming to the pool. As well as the main video lesson that you can do in the water with the baby put the phone on the pool nosing and turn the video on. Each final video lesson contains a part of the previous lesson and new exercises. Thus, having mastered all lessons and stages in the final course you and your baby will develop muscle memory, as well as gradually increase time spent in the water.

I invite you to embark on a journey that will remain with your child for life.

During the course, you will learn how to adjust to the temperature of the water, the basic techniques for supporting the baby safely and changing the body position in the water, the warm-up that will help you get used to new sensorial perceptions and warm up the parent and baby. You will learn exercises that create a powerful hydromassage, which helps with excessive muscle tension (hypertonus) and releases the ability of the baby to move itself. And in the case of reduced muscle tone, to activate and stimulate the muscles. Learn Blocks of exercises for the arms and legs. While teaching your baby to dive, we will prepare him/her for the first dives step by step, we will know what to pay attention to, we will activate the reflex of holding our breath, and we will gently help your baby to master lying on his/her back in the water. You and your baby will have a lot of fun in the water with great benefits. Well, let’s go, or rather let’s swim.